Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Three Penny Review #96: Robert Frank

File this post under: "More Robert Frank stuff I need to fill my life with."

Back in Winter 2004, the charming literary quarterly The Three Penny Review illustrated its Issue #96 entirely with Robert Frank photographs. The photos are mostly from his London Wales book published by Scalo (2003) and re-printed by Steidl (2007).

Throughout the issue, 14 of Frank's photos accompany various articles and although it may not seem like much, as a whole it is a nice way to experience these few images. The Three Penny Review is printed on heavy weight newsprint, folded into quarters and this format suits the roughness of subject and tone.

The Three Penny Review and other literary quarterlies like Granta and The Paris Review publish portfolios of photographers in each issue. Three Penny however is the only one that I know that dedicates entire issues to a single photographer to be featured along with the articles. Issue #118 from the Fall of this year features work from South America in the 1970s from the photographer (and my publishing partner) Ed Grazda.

Back issues can be ordered online directly from Three Penny.

The Three Penny Review Back Issues