Sunday, September 7, 2008

5B4 Donation Print Offer

See print donation website for details.


Anonymous said...


sorry not to have enough money to participate in this essential website economy, anyway if i can be of any help... just ask


Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrea.


Paul Russell said...

That first picture, in particular, is excellent. If I wasn't saving up for a tin of baked beans, I would be sorely tempted. Good luck with the donations...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Paul.

Good luck on the tin of beans.


nuno de matos duarte said...

Beautiful images. And your blog, as I see it, is one of the best in the kind of approaching photography and art: honest criticism and profound writing that requires time and a thoughtful attitude. Good luck with the donations because you deserve the best.

Nuno de Matos Duarte
(from Lisbon, Portugal)

Anonymous said...


I got my print today - beautiful (and well packaged). Thanks, and keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Brian. Enjoy. I appreciate the support.

Anonymous said...

Are you not going to write another review until you sell a certain number of prints!!!
Come on, God damn it, we are all waiting to hear what we have to buy next!

Anonymous said...

Me China,

Scroll down a bit bitch. I've been posting just keeping that at the top.

buffet said...

hi jeff,

mine also arrived safe and sound today and is being framed as i write, hope all is well with you and thanks for offering the print. and, when we were having that beer in chlesea, you mentioned a certain book you once got at a steal and you might have one laying around......i will pay you 300% of your original price if you still have one. you know what i'm talking about?


Anonymous said...

Jeffery, I love the mood in your "Giza". The donkey seems so care-free and out-of-place. Opposite for the camel.