Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bauman Rare Books Photobook Catalog

Just a quick note to mention that there is another catalog of photobooks available through the Bauman Rare Books in New York City. If you are around 535 Madison Avenue (between 54th and 55th), you can stop in and ask for a copy. They are free. The staff seem friendly even though the atmosphere is a bit stuffy.

The catalog is nicely produced and is just shy of 200 pages. If you are into these books about books this is actually a good one. It includes a good amount of information on each title but the real education is in the pricing. It’s a curious mix of wishful thinking and out and out insanity. (I guess they have to pay for that Madison Avenue location somehow.) Many are signed or inscribed but that doesn’t come close to making up for the craziness.

Here are a few examples.

J.H.Lartigue: Boyhood Photos of J.H.Lartigue (unsigned) $1,500.00

Dave Heath: Dialog With Solitude (signed) $9,500.00

Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam Inc. (softcover unsigned) $1,800.00

Paul Fusco: RFK Funeral Train (1st trade edition signed) $1,100.00

Robert Frank: The Americans (Grove signed) $20,000

Robert Frank: Les Americains (Delpire signed) $22,000

David Douglas Duncan: This Is War (1st ed inscribed) $4,500.00

William Eggleston: Eggleston’s Guide (1st signed) $3,000.00

The only book that is below $1,000.00 is David & Peter Turnley’s Bejing Spring which is signed (by Peter) and listed at $900.00. That book can often by found at the Strand for under $20.00. And that’s more than twice the price of what it is worth to me.

While looking at these prices, I’ve just come to the fast realization that I’m filthy f%cking rich.

Excuse me if I don’t post anymore this week, I’m going to pick out my yacht.

Check my links below once your head clears.

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