Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Errata Editions Payment Notice for Limited Edition Sets

Finally...Finally...the wait is over. The first of the Errata Editions Books on Books series has arrived to the United States! Our ship didn't sink. The container didn't fall overboard. They didn't fall off the back of the truck and wind up being sold on the streets of Secaucus for pennies. They survived the long journey from China in perfect mint condition with no bumped corners or anything.

So...if you have reserved a set of the limited editions, you may now pay using the Paypal button on the Errata Editions website HERE. Make sure you specify your country of delivery so it can calculate the shipping. If you would like to send a check or money order instead please follow the instructions on that same page. For the first five people that ordered that received the free shipping (you know who you are) just email me and I'll let you know how to proceed.

For those that have paid, we are packing them up and getting them out now.

There are sets of the limited editions available so if you're late to the party, check them out. They aren't much more than the regular trade edition that will be distributed by DAP...but you get them now and they feature the elegant tip-on bookcover image. The regular editions will be distributed in February.

Thank you again for the show of support from everyone. The proceeds from these limited edition sets will fund the next four books, so those that are able to purchase a set are contributing to the life's blood of this project. Thank you and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I had bought the limited edition and pay money through paypal system in last month.

But never received the respond from Errata Editions to confirm
the order.

Suggested Errata Editions should
be auto- contacted their customers who had put orders/pay money to inform or confirm order
when received the money.

Anonymous said...

For the first five people that ordered that received the free shipping (you know who you are) just email me and I'll let you know how to proceed.

>.< I had paid money through paypal on Oct 22th 2008. No
received the responded.
Don't worry, please send the photo books to me asap.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous and Dolphin,

I apologize if a response wasn't received. I thought I responded personally to every reservation and order. In some cases perhaps I got filtered to your junk mail folder. I am sorry it did not get to you.

There is supposed to be an auto-response confirmation that appears on a screen just after an order was placed. I hope it is working. I haven't had any knowledge of it not doing so.

I really appreciate the support and have tried to show that by being quick to respond to every inquiry. I am doing this all on my own so please forgive any oversight.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

How Exciting for you Jeff. Well done again! So much work....

Anonymous said...

I received the email responded from you yesterday.

Waiting for the wonderful books coming. : )

verninino said...

I expressed interest (via email) but didn't receive a notice (not even in spam).

Is it possible to circumvent the whole paying online and shipping and buy directly from you?

Anonymous said...


If you are in New York, yes you can just deal directly with us getting a set and paying directly. Unfortunately though we need to charge NY State sales tax. Send me an email to jeffATerrataeditionsDOTcom to arrange a time.

Anonymous said...

Hi jeff,
I'm in new york(and not far from you). is it possible to come by and see the limited editions before i purchase.


Anonymous said...


Certainly you are welcome to check them out and decide. Our studio is at 526 west 26th street, suite 507. I won't be there till probably Tuesday but maybe my publishing partner Ed Grazda will be there Monday. Send me an email at jeff @ errataeditions . com and we'll try to set up a time.