Monday, June 30, 2008

The Americans: Spanish and Mandarin editions

I, for one, never tire of hearing about new releases regarding Robert Frank but knowing that some readers may be a little burnt out on all Robert Frank project all the time, I’ll keep this post short.

I want to direct your attention to a couple entirely new translations of The Americans that will bring this great work of art to new cultures. In the past there have been German, Italian, French and English editions and now I bring good news to my in-laws as there is a Spanish edition, Los Americanos, co-published with La Fabrica in Spain and Steidl. La Fabrica are the same publisher who I wrote about in regard to their fine book Man Ray Unconcerned but Not Indifferent, as well as the Conversations with Contemporary Photographers series. Off the press of Steidlville it features the same fine printing as the English edition but with translations by Marcos Canteli. Curious note is that the belly band with this edition mentions that The Americans has sold more than 700,000 copies since its first release in 1958.

The other new edition is a Chinese version in Mandarin with translations by Zhao Yuan and Bian Ge. Either this came about because Robert was just awarded a prize in China or Steidl is going after the 1.3 billion person audience. Maybe they can double that 700,000 number. I was surprised to see a Chinese version before a Japanese one. Robert is big in Japan after all.

Either way I would like to see The Americans top The Family of Man as the book that breaks out of the photobook ghetto of only being owned by artists and other photographers.

Buy online at Steidlville