Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bill Burke booksigning at Eye Studio Gallery

The photographer Bill Burke will be signing copies of his books at the Eye Studio Gallery on Saturday November 17th from 2 to 4pm. Burke is the author of six titles including the 1987 classic I Want To Take Picture which has just been reissued in a facsimile edition by Twin Palms.

"In 1982, years after Viet Nam, I decided to give myself my own Southeast Asia experience. I wanted to make pictures in a place where I didn't know the rules, where I'd be off balance. Friends who had been there recommended Thailand; nice people, easy transportation, good food. Another friend told me that as long as I was going to Thailand I should go see the refugees coming out of Cambodia. He set me up with The International Rescue Committee, which was working at the Thai-Cambodian border." -Bill Burke, from I Want to Take Picture

Saturday November 17th will also be the last day to see the Books of Sergio Larrain exhibition before it ends. So come over and see the show, buy a book, bring a book, get a book signed and introduce yourself.

The Eye Studio Gallery is an exhibition and work space for the photographers Ed Grazda, Jason Eskenazi, Jimmy Katz, Doug Sandhage and Jeffrey Ladd. The exhibition schedule will alternate between presenting original works of these photographers and other exhibitions dedicated to the widening awareness of the photobook as a work of art.

The Eye Studio Gallery is located in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district at 526 West 26th Street in suite #507 on the fifth floor. Besides specific event dates or opening reception times, the gallery will be open by appointment only. Appointments can be arranged by calling (212) 242-1593.


Shane Lavalette said...

Bill is a teacher of mine at Museum School. Besides being a great photographer he's a really nice guy - everyone should go just to meet him! And then, of course, enjoy the book if you haven't seen it. Also see "Mine Fields."

christian said...

The Eye Studio Gallery sounds interesting. Do they have a web site - I can't find anything.

Thanks - christian

Anonymous said...


Eye Studio Gallery IS interesting. We don't have a site yet but all events and exhibitions will be listed here at 5B4. I will be having the next show of my photographs there in early December. If you are in NYC then stop by the booksigning and find out what we're all about.

christian said...

Thanks Jeff, but unfortunately, there is no chance that I will be in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Wow, living on the west coast has made it impossible to find a moment to meet Bill Burke and have him sign my copy of the new book (a great reprint, imo). Shane (from above), or Jeff, do you have any info on a possibility of him heading west? Or maybe some way to send the book east to have it signed? It looks to me like this edition's almost already gone - and ICP bungled my chance to have it early! ;) Dan --

ps thanks for this awesome blog! Finally something smart articulate, and with good taste on my favorite topic, obsession, and addiction.