Sunday, July 8, 2007

Terryworld by Terry Richardson


Terry Richardson has a book called Terryworld!
Terry Richardson has a cock!
Terry likes his cock!
Terry likes to photograph his cock and other cocks!
Terry likes to have sex!
Terry has lots of sex!
Life is hilarious!
Terry’s life is great!
Live fast, Die young! (for Darby)
My friends are fuckin’ cool!
There are no consequences to our behavior!
My cat’s ass is hilarious!
My girlfriend is so cute!
Last night she held a cookie that read “eat me” over her vagina! (Terry took a photo)
My list of friends includes famous people!
Kate Moss is a friend of mine!
Middle America is fuckin’ hilarious!
That girl’s tits are fantastic!
I drew a watch face on my cock and wrapped it around my wrist! (Terry took a photo)
Beastiality is shocking…but very funny!
The 2000’s are the new 1970’s!
Your life is boring!
Terry photographed a werewolf in a wax museum. It was so fake!
My parents are to blame!
My best friend made out with a tranny!
I never got back at my tormentors from high school!
This is low art!
Terry had the guy shit in the cat’s box!
She blew me with a bag over her head!
I desperately miss being young!
Vincent Gallo looks exactly like Jesus Christ!
We drove around ‘mooning’ everyone!
Clowns are ironic!
The American flag is ironic! (Ol’ Bob Frank taught me that)
I like teddy bears!
You’re jealous!
I’m bored!

Published by Taschen 2004!
Taschen book craftsmanship!…’nough said!
(I am naked and flipping you off)


Book Available Here (Terryworld)