Sunday, July 8, 2007

Terryworld by Terry Richardson


Terry Richardson has a book called Terryworld!
Terry Richardson has a cock!
Terry likes his cock!
Terry likes to photograph his cock and other cocks!
Terry likes to have sex!
Terry has lots of sex!
Life is hilarious!
Terry’s life is great!
Live fast, Die young! (for Darby)
My friends are fuckin’ cool!
There are no consequences to our behavior!
My cat’s ass is hilarious!
My girlfriend is so cute!
Last night she held a cookie that read “eat me” over her vagina! (Terry took a photo)
My list of friends includes famous people!
Kate Moss is a friend of mine!
Middle America is fuckin’ hilarious!
That girl’s tits are fantastic!
I drew a watch face on my cock and wrapped it around my wrist! (Terry took a photo)
Beastiality is shocking…but very funny!
The 2000’s are the new 1970’s!
Your life is boring!
Terry photographed a werewolf in a wax museum. It was so fake!
My parents are to blame!
My best friend made out with a tranny!
I never got back at my tormentors from high school!
This is low art!
Terry had the guy shit in the cat’s box!
She blew me with a bag over her head!
I desperately miss being young!
Vincent Gallo looks exactly like Jesus Christ!
We drove around ‘mooning’ everyone!
Clowns are ironic!
The American flag is ironic! (Ol’ Bob Frank taught me that)
I like teddy bears!
You’re jealous!
I’m bored!

Published by Taschen 2004!
Taschen book craftsmanship!…’nough said!
(I am naked and flipping you off)


Book Available Here (Terryworld)


Anonymous said...

Well done, perfectly expressed!!

Anonymous said...

I was a little wary when I saw you were tackling this one, but damn straight, you're right on the money. Does anyone really buy his work and hang it on the wall? Hard to imagine.

PK Ben Huang said...
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PK Ben Huang said...

uh...Photography book at finest?
(I'm writing while twitching...)

Dan said...

I think this is the easy way out when doing a critique on Terry Richardson...why must all art be so depressing or smart? Whats wrong with dumb stuff? I like dumb stuff.

Anonymous said...

there's a whole universe between dumb-dumb and smart-dumb.

I don't like dumb-dumb stuff because, like this book, it's exactly the sort of inane junk that confuses (a) the media, (b) any young person who has a passing interest in photography, and (c) the 90% of the art world that have yet to take photography seriously.

Books like this suck people into into this numbskull perception of what photographers do and what photography can say. For this dis-service, they clearly deserve to be loudly called out, as thankfully has happened here.

However... I like smart-dumb stuff, which is often found in art galleries (there's many shows in chelsea right now with precisely that) but a little harder to find in photography - perhaps Roe Etheridge, Torbjorn Rodland, or some of Stephen Gill's work, to give some random examples.

Anonymous said...

This post was a blogosphere hit for a while: gazpachot

Anonymous said...

What Philip said!

Not what Dan said!

Hilarious and true!

Perhaps you could review that book that Sante D'Orazio put out. Awful!

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the party but... c'mon- the guy gives the faint ray of hope and life to despairing men with receding hair lines everywhere!

Anonymous said...

You damn fuck mock me on your old farts blog.I rape your cat.

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit TNT. Or is that T-Bone?


Anonymous said...

wonder why you even bothered to comment on this shite.

One Way Street said...

I don't want to sound too lugubrious re Terry Richardson, but my thoughts on the matter would be:

what will this look like in a few years?

as TR gets older, will people want to see him & his peers (assuming they will be his age as well) in such revealing situations?

Perhaps the thing to keep in mind is that it is all commercial work, too, & is not meant convey much meaning (if anyone thought it did). While it may seem akin to photography which is more diaristic, like Larry Clark or Nan Goldin, it is work for the most part done for publication, for public display - it doesn't have any reality effect we would attribute to someone doing this out of less commercial i.e. "real" concerns. Think of it as watching "Jackass" instead of a John Cassevetes movie.

Anonymous said...

One Way Street,

Thanks for your comment.

Of course...I watched Jackass and got pleasure from that. I used to be a serious skateboarder and my ipod is still full of punk rock (Articles of Faith, Crass, etc...) so it is not as if I'm an old fart who "doesn't get that damn rock music." So for most, I may be representative of his audience. I can distinguish from Cassavettes and Richardson...but the big realization is for me that Terry is having a major show at PS 1 ( I just question that fact. I don't question its validity, I just question the depth and that kind of photography's role in our culture. I'm not sure what it adds to my life. I didn't offer his book for sale, I think it represents something, I just haven't figured out what yet.