Saturday, June 2, 2007

Christie's Photobook Auction Results

The results of the Christie’s Photobook auction are in and there seems to have been about a million dollars of sales. I’ve listed the approximate sale price after the title of the book. And, just for fun, I divided by the number of photos reproduced in each book by the selling price to figure each photographer’s “worth.”

Here goes…

Ed Ruscha, Various Small Fires: $14,000 or $875.00 per image. (This one is signed so knock off $78.29 for each of the 16 photos to compensate.)

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Fotografias: $10,000 or $333.00 per image.

August Sander, Antlitz Der Zeit: $13,000 or $216.00 per image

Victor Palla and Costa Martins, Lisboa: $19,000 or $125.00 per image. (This one is signed so knock off $26.82 for each of the 152 photos to compensate.)

John Davies, Green and Pleasant Land: $4,400 or $118.00 per image. (This one is signed so knock off $15.32 for each of the 37 photos to compensate.)

David Bailey, Box of Pin Ups: $4,200 or $166.00 per image.

Chris Killip, In Flagrante: $3,200 or $74.00 per image. (This one is signed so knock off $12.52 for each of the 43 photos to compensate.)

Robert Frank, Flower is...: $6,000 or $74.00 per image.

Robert Frank, Les Americans: $4,800 or $57.00 per image

Daido Moriyama, Shashin Yo Sayanora (Bye Bye Photography): $7,200 or $49.00 per image. (This one is signed so knock off $9.78 for each of the 145 photos to compensate.)

Atget Photographe de Paris: $2,800 or $29.00 per image.

Henri Cartier Bresson Images a la Sauvette (Decisive Moment): $3,600 or $28.00 per image.

Note: Since Ed Ruscha is the winner so to speak, I was compelled to choose the “signing compensation” amount based solely on a string of numbers that sounded good to my ear when spoken aloud.

The following books came with actual prints so the fun ends here.

The Yevgeny Khaldei maquette for Ot Murmanska Do Berlina went for $61,000. (Estimate $36,000 to $49,000)

Paul Graham A1 The Great North Road, Grey Editions 1983 hardcover with the 8X10 color print went for $22,000. (Estimate $14,000 to $18,000)

The Tony Ray Jones Portfolio of 15 gelatin silver prints did not sell. The low estimate of $3,600 apparently wasn’t met.

If you have the catalog, the results according to lot number can be found at the link below. Remember that the original results are in pounds and include Christie’s premium already added. My results above are already coverted roughly into US dollars.


JMG said...

Hey, do you know how much Cowboy Kate went for? It's on the cover and is noe of my FAV books.

Matt Weber said...

I'm glad I found this site! I've been a fan of your work for awhile and I'm also an avid collector of photo books...

Anonymous said...

Hello...thanks for posting.

The Cowboy Kate Sam Haskins book was actually the maquette with 157 original prints of various sizes. 5 of these where edited out of the first edition.

It went for approximately $90,000 (usd) after an estimate of $40,000-59,000.

Now that copy would be your FAV.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Matt for your kind words. Please keep reading and posting.

Anonymous said...

15 TRJ prints didn't sell for just a few thousand dollars? That's criminal! Were they in bad shape or something? Any explanation?

Anonymous said...

Here's the description for the Tony Ray Jones portfolio.

15 original prints mounted on museum board, each blind stamped in the margin with the stamp of the estate, and printed booklet, all laid into an original linen clamshell box and slipcase.

Estimate $3,600-4,900. Doesn't mention condition.

A limitation from the estate also states that no further prints will be made from these negatives.

The low estimate makes each $240.00. Gioves me hope that someday even I could afford this portfolio.

Unknown said...

Hi !
I am a rare photobooks dealer (but i have also a large new artist and photobooks section ) Great website, but I did not mean to do a free add on your website until i found out that you are... Jeff Ladd. Are you this person ? If yes, quit funny, because i got friend in Paris with Lance Lee, wich is someone that you know i guess...and we talked sometimes about you and your worked. I found out your website totally at random, looking for infos about Sergio Larrain, Mano...i will have a look again

Anonymous said...


Yes I know Lance, although I rarely get to see him since he is in Paris. Sometimes the world seems oddly small. Please keep reading, commenting (and advertising)


Anonymous said...

Regarding to Victor Palla PhotoBooks:

The Victor Palla Auction - Photographs, Books, Paintings, Drawings and Other Personal Items from is estate