Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sergio Larrain: A Book Exhibition at the Eye Studio Gallery

5B4 Photography and Books and the newly founded Eye Studio Gallery presents an exhibition of the books of the Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that will celebrate artists whose works have produced great photographic books but due to the rarity of most of the publications, they do not often get seen in person.

On view from Thursday September 27 until November 22, this exhibition brings together Larrain’s classic photographic essays that have been the subject of his books in extremely rare titles such as El Rectangulo En La Mano, Valpariso and Una Casa En La Arena. An opening reception will be held on Saturday 29th from 6 to 8pm.

Born is Santiago de Chile in 1931, Sergio Larrain photographed from the late 1950’s through to the late 1960’s until giving up photography for the pursuit of higher knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Larrain became a member of Magnum photo agency in 1960 and his work has been the subject of six major books and several magazine essays, most of which will be on display in this exhibition.

The Eye Studio Gallery is an exhibition and work space for the photographers Ed Grazda, Jason Eskenazi, Jimmy Katz, Doug Sandhage and Jeffrey Ladd. The exhibition schedule will alternate between presenting original works of these photographers and other exhibitions dedicated to the widening awareness of the photobook as a work of art.

The Eye Studio Gallery is located in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district at 526 West 26th Street in suite #507 on the fifth floor. Besides specific event dates or opening reception times, the gallery will be open by appointment only. Appointments can be arranged by calling (212) 242-1593.

So save the date of Saturday September 29th and stop by during the opening reception and say hello. This is a book related event that should not be missed by anyone wanting to see the work of this remarkable but relatively obscure artist.


Anonymous said...


How are you going to be showing the book materials?


Anonymous said...


That is where we have had to be inventive. As you know many of the books are rare and very delicate and cannot be handled so what I have done is photographed or scanned spreads from all of the books and made wall panels that show not all but a lot of the books content. These panels are beautiful inkjet prints. Below these wall pieces will be copies of the books (we have a few copies of each one) where the covers are shown and also an open copy will be on display open to a spread.

It is odd to have a show of books where one cannot touch the books but we feel this work is too good to not display.

I also have made one facsimile copy of Rectangulo from Ed Grazda's copy so there will be one book (the rarest one) for people to actually handle. The rest of the books unfortunately will be for display only and will not be handled. We also have a few prints on loan as well as the magazine material where his stories were published.

One interesting book we have is one of Larrain's written books on creating a world order of peace and harmony. It is a handwritten and illustrated xerox and spiral bound that came straight from Larrain years ago.

It's a small show and I am not sure you want to come all the way from DC for it but if you would happen to be in NYC then stop by.

If you miss it, I can send some installation photos as I will be making them as a record.

One Way Street said...

Congratulations! I am looking forward to your shows.

Anonymous said...

jeff: this is a good initiative. congrats! is it possible to contact you by email?

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that all of the people named Anonymous come to the show. It is easier to remember names this way. I can be emailed at

Put the final touches on the show today (I do not wait till the last minute) and I think it will be really interesting for most of you. please try to stop by for the reception.

Anonymous said...

So nice for you to send this invite.
Sergio Larrain is someone who has been inspiring me for years. I dream of coming up to his standards. I am very much looking forward to the exhibition.
With respect,
Joseph Rodriguez