Friday, February 26, 2010

Errata Editions Limited Edition Sets

The newest limited edition sets of our Books on Books series arrived safely to our studio a few weeks ago. We shipped out all of the pre-orders the day after they arrived and want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is supporting this publishing project.

This set which are numbers 5 to 8 include William Klein: Life is Good & Good for You in New York, Yutaka Takanashi: Toshi-e, David Goldblatt: In Boksburg and Koen Wessing: Chili, September 1973.

To order a set of all four please visit the Errata Editions website and click on the 'SHOP' page to purchase using our convenient Paypal buttons.

A very limited number of sets of numbers 1 to 4 are still available. This set includes; Eugene Atget: Photograph de Paris, Walker Evans: American Photographs, Sophie Ristelhueber: Fait, and Chris Killip: In Flagrante.

One improvement for the trade edition of the Books on Books series has been a redesign of the dustjackets. Although we liked the way the older belly-band style jackets looked initially, in the actual stores they were very problematic. The belly band often slipped to the bottom of the cover throwing off the entire design of the book, got torn frequently, and due to the paper choice - they attracted dirt like a vacuum. Although we had carefully chosen a nicer and more expensive paper stock for the jackets, it just didn't survive well in the retail environment.

So, after careful consideration we have created a new design which is a full jacket on a matte laminate paper which will last longer and can be cleaned.

Since this is a series we are concerned for buyers who purchased a couple of the first books and would be bothered that the next have a different look. So to address this we have printed up a few hundred newly designed jackets for the older books so all of your Books on Books can have the same look. These will be available through our website as a courtesy, with the only charge being to cover shipping costs. See the 'SHOP' page for ordering details.

The newest trade editions seen above should be in stores in the next couple weeks. As always, thank you for the support. Meanwhile I am at work on editions 9 to 12.


ziskar said...

Hi Jeff,

I ordered a copy of Takanashi's book and I'm really looking forward to receive it.
As you said in a previous post
"One of the criticisms I faced with this series is that some of the images are small since many spreads in the first four books were run four plates on facing pages."
I join my voice to this criticism. I bought "American photographs" from the previous bunch and that was the only downside which I wished could have been avoided.

From the sample pages of "towards the city", I don't see such a treatment and I'm glad.
Did you apply the same treatment for the "People of Tokyo" supplement?
I'm also happy to see that all the photos of the original have been reproduced!
Keep up the good work and thank you!

For one of the next editions, please consider Trent Park "Dream/Life".

Jeff Ladd said...

The purpose of running the four spreads was so people can see the photographer at work making direct connections between photos within the sequence. The Evans book became problematic because Walker often reproduced the image small to begin with on the page. In our book I felt they could be seen well enough but more importantly that those connections could be made. In retrospect maybe they are too small but we will continue when possible to use four spreads to make those connections. The only book we were able to do so in this set is the Klein book since his photos were mostly so large that they are clearly readable in our presentation.

Again these are studies of originals. The original books will never be reprinted in a facsimile.

Thanks for the support.

Double E said...

it was a small problem with the Evans book, however of the books done so far by errata, those images are probably the best known and could be read as such.

Anonymous said...

Mmm the limited editions look so much better with the elegantly tipped-in image! I might be tempted this time.
Looking forward to the books. Keep up the brilliant work, both Errata and blog-wise!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job!