Sunday, January 24, 2010

Errata Editions Limited Edition Sets

For everyone who is asking themselves "Where are the new Errata books?," they will be arriving into NY in the next week. There was a three week delay in our shipment from China due to new freighting regulations concerning Homeland Security and our shipment was held in port before we could secure clearance. We had originally expected the books to arrive for packing and delivery to our pre-order customers in the last week of December but they are just arriving to us in this next week.

Please accept our apology, as soon as they arrive to our New York studio we will be immediately shipping them out to those that have pre-ordered. Believe me, we are as excited and impatient to get them in your hands as anyone.

We appreciate your patience and know that once they arrive to your home, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you again for the support. Jeff, Valerie and Ed.


Anonymous said...

yes, ocean ISF is implement ex Jan 26th 2010.
you need to familiar with 10+2 filing for the US customs regulation if you arranged ocean shipment ex Asia to USA.

Perhaps you can requesting your ocean forwarder to offer door to door service to you.

Mr. Whiskets said...


I am now fully familiar with them. We straightened it all out.

Wayne said...

These will be completely worth the wait, thanks for the update!

Robert Hoehne said...

received teh set, thank you. looking forward to breaking the plastic seals tonight.

Anonymous said...

Received the set yesterday. Great books, nicely produced. But, for whatever reason, once the plastic was removed the boards curled. It's fairly humid here, so I'm hoping its temporary.

Keep up the good work

Mr. Whiskets said...



The cover boards will relax over time. It is a consequence of the shrinkwrap trapping some of the moisture from printing, binding and gluing the cloth. The books aren't fully dry when they are wrapped. Most books will warp and then after a little time, they relax.