Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doug DuBois Signed Book Giveaway

This month’s Flak Photo WEEKEND series features work from photographer Doug DuBoi's title All the Days and Nights. A deeply personal body of work, DuBois first started photographing his family in 1984, before his father’s near fatal injury from a commuter train. Coping with the graveness of this hardship, he documents his family members through a tender lens, revealing the subtle complexities of their personalities and the dynamics of their relationships with one another. This poignant memoir engages the viewer in its emotional immediacy and showcases the tribulations of those closest to him.

Aperture and Flak Photo are giving away 5 signed copies of All the Days and Nights! To enter, browse the Flak Photo Gallery and post a link to one of your favorite photographs on Flak Photo's Facebook. Winners will be chosen at random, click here for details.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, I would have entered but I'm not on facebook & not about to join just for this. That's how they get you in. I know what my favourite DuBois photo is though - the 4 businessmen on the upper level of a train station (I think it is). Beautiful light & feeling of seriousness about the shitty things so many have to do to survive.
I've no idea what flakphoto is or what they do, but my first thought on visiting their site is that there are too many photos, it's overwhelming & I don't like feeling that way. Makes me think there are already too many photographers in the world.
Michael W

b said...

I second that, not participating although I wouldn't mind having a copy.

Why the heck do you have to do this on facebook? Did Flak buy stock in the company? I don't need my social life digitized let alone have it "mashed up" with corporate advertising and branding.