Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Errata Editions Book Signing and other News

The Howard Greenberg Gallery will be hosting a booksigning extravaganza for Errata Editions and gallery artists this Saturday, March 28th from 4-6pm. Taking place the same weekend as the annual AIPAD (The Association of International Photography Art Dealers) show, this Saturday afternoon event will not be one to miss. Errata artists Chris Killip (Books on Books #4 In Flagrante) and John T. Hill (Books on Books #2 Walker Evans American Photographs) will be on-hand to sign copies of their books. For those of you who have already purchased Errata Editions books, either the trade or the limited edition, you are welcome to bring them in to be signed. Books will be available for purchase through the gallery.

Howard Greenberg Gallery artists scheduled for attendance will be: Saul Leiter, Bruce Davidson, Jessica Lange, Vince Aletti, and Eric Lindbloom. Please join us for what will be a wonderful afternoon in the celebration of books. The Howard Greenberg Gallery is located in the Fuller Building at 41 East 57th Street (at Madison Avenue) on the 14th floor in Suite 1406.

Books on Books Limited Edition Sets. We now have about 25 sets of the Books on Books #1-4 Limited Editions signed by Chris Killip and John T. Hill so if you are on the fence about purchasing a set, this is the moment. We are down to the last of the limited editions, so do not delay. Order here for immediate delivery.

There is a good article about the Books on Books series in The Guardian by Liz Jobey. Read it here

Errata Editions author David Campany a
nd others are celebrating the photobook with a conference organized by the School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media at Birkbeck, King’s College American Studies, and the University of Kent French Studies. Events take place Friday April 3 and Saturday April 4 2009 (9:30am to 6pm & 10am to 1:30pm) at Birkbeck Cinema, 46 Gordon Sq London WC1. More information here

We also congratulate David Campany for being shortlisted for the 2009 And/or Moving Image Book Award for his new book Photography and Cinema (Reaktion Books 2008). Winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the BFI Southbank, London, on Thursday 23 April. Our fingers are cro
ssed David!

Errata Editions artist Sophie Ristelhueber's retrospective show at the Jeu de Paume in Paris just closed a few days ago but look for the accompanying catalog Operations published by Thames & Hudson, London.

Jeffrey Ladd and Ken Schles have teamed up with the Pacific Street Studios Photographic Workshops to offer a weekend workshop called Making the Photographic Book. This two-day intensive course will assist a small group of aspiring bookmakers to shape an existing photographic project into book form. We will view and discuss classic photographic book concepts and guide you through critiques on editing and sequencing while exploring the practicalities of putting a book dummy together. April 18 - 19 (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 am - 6 pm. Pacific Street Studios, 874 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238. To reserve a spot for this class, please email us at: psworkshops[at]me.com or call 1(718) 636-6030.

Jeffrey Ladd has been invited to giv
e a lecture at the second annual Fotobook Festival in Kassel, Germany. The festival runs from May 15 - 17. More information here

If you like what we are doing please spread the word. The continuation of the series depends on you. Your support in these trying times is truly appreciated.

Errata Editions are available through your local independent bookstore:

Museum of Modern Art, NY
Dashwood Books, NY
Strand Bookstore, NY

International Center of Photography, NY
Photo-Eye, Santa Fe
Schaden, Cologne
Ampersand Vintage, Portland
The Photographer's Gallery, UK
Jeu de Paume, Paris

Lastly, I am throwing a kind-of "rent-party" this month except instead of you coming to my apartment to contribute, you can remain in yours and party with one of my 16x20 prints year round. If you were wanting one of the photographs on the print donation page, this would be the time to grab it.


Anonymous said...

Have just received my copy of book 4, Chris Killip is the main reason I stuck with photography and have gone to university to learn more.

Thank you for this site and the many enjoyable recommendations and thank you for your Errata series, I have passed on the word and others on my course have brought versions too.

For a poor student it has been a god send, are you taking requests for the next batch ;)

#cough# Paul Graham #cough#

a mind with no ceiling said...

#cough# Teenage Lust #cough#

Anonymous said...

I don't know...according to some guy that commented on our Walker Evans book on Amazon we are "ruining classics."

I'd hate to "ruin" anymore books!

Matt Weber said...

I have two different editions of "Chicago, Chicago" which I'd let you borrow to "ruin" I think Ishimoto deserves to be ruined...

Anonymous said...

Only objection (which didn't prevent me from buying) I have is the price, which given the size is kind of high. For example, compare it to Epstein's Family Business from Steidl that lists only at $50.

Anonymous said...


True. Our books are about ten dollars more in price than I wanted them to be when I conceived of this project. But, we also started this company at a moment when the dollar was at an all time low plus the unintended added production costs since this project required much more than I originally expected. I thought I could be the one to make the digital imaging of the books. I am a professional photographer after all but this is way more complicated than it looks. Each book needed special attention when making the files due to figuring out each screening strategy. Not to mention the fees involved for rights, essayists etc.

As for comparing our books to Steidl I think it is an unfair comparison as we don't own our own printing press like Steidl whose press costs are often subsidized by printing fashion catalogs and other commercial material. We are a small publisher printing modest amounts of books which costs us way more than a larger house.

This is why I love my books selling through places like The Strand bookstore in New York where they are discounted to $31.95, close to the price I originally wanted.

Believe it or not, each of our books, even at $39.95 and selling out every copy in the run does not generate nearly enough money to do the next book in the series. That is why those that supported us by buying the limited editions are so appreciated. They are making it possible to continue.

Unknown said...


I'm desperately tring to find an email address for Saul Leiter for something I'm writing and I'll like to contact him if possible.
My email is joeball2611@googlemail.com Any help appreciated.

Vincent Borrelli said...

Joe, Contact Howard Greenberg Gallery for Saul Leiter, Vincent

Vincent Borrelli said...

Jeff, what's the print run of the series (if public)? V

Jeff Ladd said...


The trade editions are 1700 copies but if they find their audience and sell out we will print more. It will be a CLEARLY STATED SECOND PRINTING for those of you who are concerned with such things.

Pierre-Yves Racine said...

Dear Jeff,

I have just received my copy of In Flagrante. Good job and thank you for what you initiated with errata. However I find some of the plates to be too small for good reading....

The books are small already and I found it hard to "read" some of the pictures.

Thank you anyway for your interesting blog (I have been a lurker for a long time).

Pierre Yves Racine