Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New and Improved 5B4 Print Donation Offer

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have reconfigured the 5B4 Print Donation page to offer tons of new images that will appear a few times per week. These prints are 16 X 20 and handmade on either C-print color paper or fiber-based, gelatin silver paper. These are all "artist proofs" meaning that they are not part of editions and will be labeled as such. These are final prints which I have made as first proofs to determine the final printing quality for the editioned versions. Many of these are the first prints made of an image. All are correct densities and color balance same as editioned versions.

There will only be one or two copies of each available and if any show very slight imperfections it will be clearly described in each post.

Each print is being offered to those who donate $100.00 or more to 5B4 Photography and Books using the donation button. If interested in donating for a print, PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST AT jeffladd99(at)hotmail(dot)com to make sure the print is still available. Since there are only one or two of each (which will be specified in the description), these prints are being offered on a first email inquiry / first served basis and not the first to donate.

EMAIL FIRST! Donate only after I have confirmed you will be the recipient.

There is a small postage charge on each. See the print donation page for details.


Anonymous said...

for some reason I wasn't aware you were a street photographer. Nice work, did you ever put out a book?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words. No I haven't published a book of my own yet. I was included in the updated version of Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz's Bystander: A History of Street Photography (page 419).

A lot of people are surprised to find that I am not just a blogger and publisher. Although I have produced less work than I ever have this year while getting the book series started I am returning to spending more of my time out photographing.

verninino said...

So, Jeff, what's the deal with your artists books?

Anonymous said...

The artist books listed on my website? Those are mostly experiments that haven't stood the test of time. Some more interesting than others but many were hastily constructed due to a fascination with the ability to inkjet print and bind right in my apartment.

The better ones were done with actual prints on single weight photo paper and bound ledger style. The india book isn't too bad but there was only one made.