Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light now available

In an honorable effort to keep things tangible, Shane Lavalette has started a new print publication called Lay Flat and the inaugural issue #01: Remain in Light is now available.

Lay Flat
is a new print publication devoted to promoting the best in contemporary fine art photography and writing on the medium. Each issue is assembled by Shane Lavalette in close collaboration with a co-curator.

Included in the inaugural issue of Lay Flat are four essays, an interview and a poem, all accompanied by 20 unbound photographs from a selection of international photographers. This issue's photographs were co-curated by Lay Flat's editor, Shane Lavalette, and Chicago-based photographer Karly Wildenhaus.

Writing from:

One Credo After Another
by Tim Davis

Close Readings
by Darius Himes

The Secessionists Revisited: Artist Collectives in the Age of the Blog
by Cara Phillips

A Telephone Conversation with Mike Mandel
by Shane Lavalette

The Crisis of Experience
by Eric William Carroll

Castaways vs. Utopians
by Jason Fulford

Photographs from:

Andreas Weinand
Anne Lass
Coley Brown
Debora Mittelstaedt
Ed Panar
Estelle Hanania
Gustav Almestål
Hiroyo Kaneko
Kamden Vencill
Mark McKnight
Michel Campeau
Nicolai Howalt & Trine Søndergaard
Nicola Kast
Nicholas Haggard
Shawn Records
Raimond Wouda
Richard Barnes
Thobias Fäldt
Whitney Hubbs
Yann Orhan

Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light
44 pages and 20 unbound photographs
Edition of 1000
5.5 x 7.5 in.
$25 + S&H

Check it out.


Andrew said...

A very refreshing list of photographers, most of whom I've never heard of before. I'm interested to see what the tangible result looks like.

colleen plumb said...

this moment in photography epitomized. a piece of history i'd say. excellent essays. inspiring range.