Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just in case you aren't already spending too much time on the internet there is an extremely promising looking site for those who are fans of photographic ephemera. This is a site that will be posting a couple times a week featuring old gallery announcements and other paper goods that usually wind up in the dustbin.

His first posting is on various Ansel Adams Christmas cards which some were actual gelatin silver prints mounted onto personalized letterpress cards. More interesting to me is the Bernd and Hilla Becher announcement from 1973. He also includes interesting anecdotes about each piece that weaves a tighter web around this medium's history.

I know the guy who started it and I have to say that he saves gallery announcements even more obsessively than I have. He literally has thousands of them. That said we'll see if he has a copy of the Another Country exhibition card of Graham Smith and Chris Killip from 1985. How about the 'pig cakes' announcement poster from Martin Parr's Common Sense exhibitions. Check it out and I guess we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I used to save nearly everything that came in the door until about 2000 when the deluge became so great that I began to be more selective and trashed any announcement for a photographer that did not interest me. So in recent years, much more goes in the bin than is saved. Many museums and libraries have (or had) riches of these materials in file cabinets that were available for researchers.

I have the Martin Parr poster. The Galerie Agn├Ęs B gave them out for free. For every exhibition there was a one-sheet work to take away. I think they printed at least 1,000.

Anonymous said...

In addition, to lovers of photographic ephemera out there, check out
If you look under the 'Photographs' heading, instead of the 'Books' heading (which just takes you to Amazon listings), for each photographer, you may find bookcovers, often of obscure titles. There are also photographers' stamps, signatures, even monuments and gravestones. I have sent many items to Alan Griffiths that he has posted. For some good examples check out Atget and Brassai.

Anonymous said...

It's funny you should mention those two items of ephemera, Mr. Whiskets. I don't think I have either of those. But at one point, I thought I was going to have them.

Anonymous said...

Don Said...

Luckily, I came to my senses.

Good luck.