Friday, November 14, 2008

Paris Photo: First days

Wednesday: After a somewhat miserable overnight American Airlines flight I arrived safe and sound to Paris and settled into my tiny studio. My China trip's Cathay Pacific flight spoiled me as they do a much better job at moving people through the air.

Paris Photo is really intersting. With just a few quick walks around I now know why people come here. The only other festival I have attended is the AIPAD in New York. Paris Photo makes AIPAD look like a sleep study center.

I expected to have more time to write but the days have been long and exhausting. Two hours after I arrived into Paris, my first order of business was to find the Catherine Putman gallery and pick up the copies of Sophie Ristelhueber's books that were sent for the signing. Using my backpack I walked the 50+ lbs of them over to Paris Photo and settled in with the Schaden crew.

Markus and Sebastian keep excitedly introducing me to people with descriptions of 5B4 as the "best photobook blog" to which 90% respond that they hadn't ever heard of it. I have, however, been enjoying meeting many readers and watching the Errata books get the attention. At one point I was introduced to a gentleman who gave me a birthday present of Cuny Janssen's Macedonia book. Then, in a nice coincidence about an hour later, I was introduced to Cuny herself. Thank you to all for the kind 40th birthday wishes.

Thursday: This was the big day for me...Sophie's booksigning at 5pm. Sophie and I had never met in person before so after almost a year of correspondence it was a pleasure to discover that we got along swimmingly. Around 4:45 people were starting to linger around the booth as Wolfgang Zurborn's signing was winding up. Sophie stepped up and everything went pretty much without a hitch. I was happy to see all of the books sell and we ran out just as the line was dwindling down.

Afterwards I was in bad need of a drink so went out with old friends Matt Stuart, Christoph Agou, Charlie Ryhne and new friend Sebastien Girard who is an avid Sergio Larrain fan. Long night. I'll spare the details because I still can't quite focus on anything except not getting sick. I never want to drink again.

More later and I will actually write about books at some point...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all of the copies of "Fait" selling! It seems Errata Editions is off too one hell of a start.

From your description, Paris Photo sounds amazing!

Enjoy yourself man!

All the best,
Chuck Shacochis

Anonymous said...

I can only assume that those 90% of people who hadn't heard of 5B4 are also blissfully unaware of the Internet generally. Your site is one of the best photography sites out there, period.

Enjoy the trip and best of luck on Errata.

Anonymous said...

The two times I went po Paris Photo I didn't see you at Schaden's and assumed I hadn't understood your post proprerly (Markus was busy so I didn't ask). Too bad!
Enjoy your stay.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to have missed you. I have been at the booth a lot but I do run around a bit too. Bad timing I guess.

Anonymous said...

You got to talk to Mr. Onaka? Excellent.

Did you get a chance to meet Hiromi Tsuchida as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff.
So I'll see you another time.

Thanks to your blog, I get to know original books. A good thing as most of the production looks interchangeable nowadays. Schaden and some other bookstores often have very interesting objects but very few of these are actually singular, as if there had been a globalization there too.
I have been living in France for 6 years and I must say there are quite good things produced here, that aren't known outside the country (for what reason btw? Language? Different culture?). Have you seen some?
Susanna L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff

It was good to to see the man behind the blog on Shaden's booth!
Thanks to that I was able to pick my copies of "Slow boat" and the mysterious folding compilation book of Miyako Ishiuchi's work.

Hope you are enjoying Paris, and please get back very soon to reviewing books!


Anonymous said...

Pleasure to meet you and the punk flamencoists...
(I have some entertaining pictures of the proceedings)

+ Mr Stuart looked a very strange colour when I saw him on Saturday...