Monday, November 10, 2008

Paris Photo booksigning with Sophie Ristelhueber

As I mentioned before I will be attending Paris Photo this year to promote the Errata Editions Books on Books series. I will be taking reservations on the remaining limited edition sets which are moving quickly. If you are also attending, please stop by Markus Schaden's booth near the entrance and introduce yourself.

Also as mentioned we are having a book signing for Sophie Ristelhueber on Thursday the 13th from 5-6pm at Schaden's booth (#Ed6 on the floor plan). We have a very limited amount of books that were shipped over at great expense from China so if you think you'd like to pick up a copy of Books on Books #3: Fait by Sophie Ristelhueber, I'd advise to show up early. Sorry but due to the limited amount we also cannot hold books for people.

There are many, many book signings taking place every few hours through the course of the festival so check for a complete listing.

I will also be doing some blogging on all of the European books that never seemed to make it to the US so stay tuned for new discoveries.


Anonymous said...

I wish you didn't include the PDF of all those book signings. I'm physically ill that I can't just fly to Paris on a whim to attend this event. I'm so freakin' jealous, but I'm sure I'll recover. Looking forward to your blogs.

Anonymous said...

File me under NEEDS A LIFE:
I have wanted to go to Paris Photo for awhile and this will be my first trip to Europe in 8 years. As exciting as the lineup of signings are I most look forward to hitting the chain stores (Mona Lisait, Gilbert Jeune, FNAC) for the OP and remainders and the more obscure used bookstores and other sources....even the booksellers on the Seine (everybody say "how cliche") where I found the Aget -illustrated issue of 'Le Crapouillot'. The Internet has flattened the bookbuying experience here in the US and I assume it is the same in Europe but maybe I'm wrong...
Now, seriously: Does anybody know of a book or website that lists the bookstores of Paris? Preferably by arrondisement?!? And a good place to ship books home...uh...cheaply?!?

Anonymous said...

This is a great photo book shop.
La Chambre Claire. 10 mins from St Germain

a mind with no ceiling said...

La Chambre Claire of course, but also the bookshops in the Jeu de Paume and the Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg), as well as:
Librairie La Hune
170, bd St-Germain ­75006
Librairie Images Modernes
11, rue Louise-Weiss -75013
Librairie Ofr Marais
20 Rue Dupetit Thouars 75003
Librairie 7L
7 Rue de Lille 75007
And as its been said the Mona Lisait shops for remainders- check out the one in Strasbourg St Denis!
Hope that helps,

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Mr. Whiskets.

Anonymous said...

Would Sophie Ristelhueber also be willing to sign an original 'FAIT'? I would of course buy the Errata edition as well.

Do you have an idea if it is possible to bring books 'in' without having problems with security people? I have been to ParisPhoto on several occasions but I haven't tried this before.

Anonymous said...


I know she would sign it if you brought it in. I know of a few people who are doing so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jeff. Both were nicely signed.

But why do al those signings take place at the same moment (yesterday at least). Are photographers unable to write before 4 pm?

Nice to see tough how some really make an effort to write something nice - without even asking - like Eikoh Hosoe and Raymond Depardon and others clearly didn't like the job (Lise Sarfati at Magnum).

And Alec Soth didn't even want to sign his 'Last days of Winter'-publication with the very strange motivation that it is too cheap (10 euro). He can of course decide what he wants to sign or not but altough I wanted to buy his 'Dog Days Bogota' I put it back.

It was the first time I went to these signings and I must admit I sometimes felt a bit silly queing up. People are strange...

Anonymous said...


Signings can be weird. I think our went very well.

Funny...I never had the view from the otherside of booksignings before. Now that I have published these books I've discovered how booksellers feel when people bring several older titles without buying the new one. I was much more willing to allow anyone as long as Sophie was willing but a few folks brought multiple copies of one book. It is weird to have to intervene when it seems like someone is just taking advantage.

Personally I think artists should sign their books. It is an honor that people buy them...that shouldn't be considered a given, but a hope.

That said, multiple copies of the same book is a bit obnoxious since it is most commonly just to bump up the price.

Anonymous said...

Roy DeCarava was a real ornery bastard when I handed him politely one copy of the Nat'l Gallery retrospective with the Phaidon HC. Looked at me with contempt, wouldn't sign it. Left the signed phaidon for someone else

Book dealers that bring multiple copies is typical chutzpah of people profiting from others' talent

Anonymous said...

Mr Soth probably didn't want to sign it so as not to pander to book collectors READ dealers needs.

It's a throwaway (not really because it's great) publication - or I believe, that is his intention being printed on newsprint and all...

Anonymous said...

It's "Last Days of W" (as in George "W" Bush), not "Winter." Just wanted to make that point. Soth clearly doesn't have a problem signing books, but perhaps he has some kind of strategy that he adheres to.