Friday, November 14, 2008

Paris Photo booksigning with Andrew Phelps at Harper's Books

Paris Photo book signing announcement: The photographer and fellow Arizonan Andrew Phelps of Baghdad Suite and Higley fame will be having a book signing at Harper Levine's booth (location Ed9) tomorrow, Saturday the 15th at 2:00 pm. Stop by, buy a book, get it signed and compliment Andrew on my personal favorite photobook blog BUFFET.

While your there check out Harper's great collection of rare photobooks. Especially the Japanese accordion-folded book that may have been a source of inspiration for Ed Ruscha's Every Building on the Sunset Strip. Fascinating book.


Mel Trittin said...

If I could get to Paris with my copy of Higley, I'd be there. I printed your post on the release of Baghdad Suite to keep with it. Say hello to one of my favorite artists, bloggers and people.


Matt Weber said...

Hey Jeff, Sounds like a lotta fun! Good luck with all your projects, and please give my regards to Harper...

Anonymous said...

great photos in Higley, but it made me wonder... (not just about phelps' work) but what does it tell us about higley (what ever in this hell that really is except bunch of photographs), or what it tells about life in general,about the life that we live. it's funny when people consider photography as a language. if it is then it's the easiest language that there is, from bechers to wylie to düsseldorf to engström to parr to goldin to les krims to whoever who is fashionable but if it is not a language then it's just a bunch of dots and commas unless you really have something to say and not just pretend that you have (it's not cynicism, call it realism and not finding the truth and Beelzebub from photography). or if it's just about beauty, well then it's just fashion, or just about style, then it's fashionable and then it's just plain effin' boredom. never, not ever a language, only psychotherapy and lying but then a photographer said woof and tried to bark, and sadly the dots and commas kept shimmering with possibilities as that is what they will ever do. woof,.,.,.,. what were you saying?

Krijn said...

Hi Jeff,

hope you enjoyed 'DJ' the book I gave you on your birthday in Paris. It'd be great if you could spend a word or two on it.

Kind regards,

Krijn van Noordwijk.