Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Errata Editions Books on Books Series Update

This morning I received the advance copies of our first four titles in the Books on Books series. I was so nervous it took me about half an hour to work up the courage to just open the box. After fighting through the packing tape and bubble-wrap I revealed four finished and shrink-wrapped copies of each book (two limited edition and two trade editions each). They looked so great shrink-wrapped I didn't want to open a set to check the binding. I remember John Gossage's advice, "Watch the binding! Don't try the 'duck lips.' Watch the binding." What he meant (about the binding) was that the bulking dummies I received long ago were bound by hand. These finished copies are machine bound which tends to be slightly tighter and often with more glue. I am happy to say that the binding feels perfect, the books open fully and everything is solid. Not too much glue etc. So as we speak, the bulk are being finished and shipped. The first of the limited editions should be arriving to us in about one month and the rest should be in DAP's warehouse system soon enough.

For those of you who do not know the details of the limited edition sets, the info is below. This is actually how we will be able to continue the series as the revenue from the trade edition doesn't even come close to paying for the next four titles in the series. I would suggest you reserve a set first by sending an email to info@errataeditions.com with your name, mailing address and email address. I would prefer to accept payments AFTER we have received the books and made sure they are fit and ready for shipping.

Books on Books #1-4: Limited Edition Set:

In addition to the trade edition of the Books on Books series, we are offering Limited Edition sets which include the first four titles sold directly through Errata Editions. These Limited Edition books feature a beautiful reproduction tipped into the cloth cover of each book. Besides owning a more elegant version of each in the series, the advantage to purchasing a Limited Edition set is the assurance that you will receive these special editions of the Books on Books series as soon as they are off the press and months before the regular edition is distributed.

The Limited Edition sets are due to start shipping in early December.

Limited Edition sets are priced at $200.00 USD (plus shipping) which works out to only being $10.00 more per book than the regular trade edition. Please note that these special editions will not be sold as individual books, they are only available as a set. For Paypal payments and credit cards please use the "Add to Cart" button on the Errata Editions website (www.errataeditions.com click on the SHOP page). Check or money order payments (including shipping and New York State sales tax if applicable) payable to Errata Editions can be sent to: Errata Editions, 526 West 26th Street, #507, New York, NY 10001.

Shipping is provided via well-packed Flat Rate Priority Box for all locations. This is the least expensive yet fastest delivery for a majority of destinations. Destinations within the United States add $10.00 per Limited Edition set. For Canada and Mexico add $23.95 per set. For all other countries add $38.95 per set. Priority mail shipping speeds vary according to destination. Within the United States 3-5 business days for delivery is average. Other countries 1-2 weeks for delivery is average.

Errata Editions at Schaden's booth at Paris Photo

I am also happy to announce that the series will be making its debut at Paris Photo at the booth of Markus Schaden from November 13th to the 16th. The books will be on his table and those of you who attend will be able to take a look at sets of both editions. Unfortunately we will not have books for sale but I will be there taking reservations for the limited edition in person. Stop by and say hello. I will also be doing a bit of blogging from there since Paris Photo is known to be as much a "book" event as a "gallery and prints" event.

Also, on the Paris Photo opening night of November 13th (which happens to be my 40th birthday) we will be hosting a small book signing with Sophie Ristelhueber at Schaden's booth from 5-6pm. We will have a small supply of advance copies of Books on Books #3: Fait on hand for purchase and signing. Supplies are very limited so I would advise to show up early if you would like to purchase a book.

Post-Printing Miscellaneous (continued from On-Press Day 5)

Since I have returned I have been dealing with many aspects of producing a book overseas that young book-makers will need to be aware of and I thought it would be informative to describe a part of the post printing wrap up.

First and foremost, if you print your book out of the country you will need to navigate the daunting procedure of getting your books shipped to their final destination. There are a few different ways to do this and many different people involved in doing so. If you have a distributor, they can easily guide you through the process but just so you know, my initial talks with C+C in China were a bit confusing. Shipping, customs, etc, has its own language and is full of terms like: EXW, FCA, FAS, CFR, CIF, DDP, DES, FIS and many, many more. To the uninitiated...it is a foreign language. As soon as I returned I made an appointment at DAP to talk with their inventory manager and he walked me through the whole procedure.

Often when you pitch your specs to the printer to get a cost of printing and binding quote, they will specify the added costs involved in shipping. Our original quote gave an option of shipping that is called CIF, which means Cost, Insurance and Freight. This is the added cost per book, to get them packed, insured and shipped to the port of your choice. This clears the customs at both ports. These costs are paid by you and you are then responsible for arranging the pick up of your books by courier from the port and transporting them to their final destination at your distributor's warehouse (or the vast amounts of space under your bed, in all of your closets, and in the worst case scenario, in the garage). If you are storing the books personally, as I understand it, in some cases, the driver who arrives at your destination also will not touch the cargo, meaning you need to show up with a pallete jack and unload the contents yourself. Otherwise they will send along another person with the jack to do that for you, of course, at your expense. Ask in advance and be clear of every detail.

If you use a distributor, make sure the printer is informed of any particular packing and labeling instructions that your distributor requires. These are usually things like pallete type, packing and stacking specifics and how the boxes are labeled. If these instructions are not followed then usually the distributor will repack and relabel your book boxes and then charge you for the expense of doing so.

The other most common shipping choice is DDP (Direct Duty Paid) or "door to door," (sometimes also referred to as FIS) in which the carrier arranges everything from providing the customs clearance agent to the overland freighting directly to their final destination including unloading the palletes. This has the convenience of not having to worry once you agree but, of course, this all costs more. Depending on your book size and the amount of the print run, it can add up to a decent additional charge you should be aware of when calculating your final costs. Our shipment, in that it is four different books, is pretty big considering.

It is a common practice, like getting quotes from printers, to pitch the specs to a few couriers for quotes and see the best offers. One last note: Insurance on your shipments is optional. Like most things, you can proceed uninsured, but keep in mind that in the rare case that your ship goes down, the freight container falls off the boat, or the container just gets doused with sea-water and ruins the contents (ask your courier to prepare the container contents for sea voyage) -- you've just eaten tens of thousands of dollars in expense. In a word -- INSURE. Probably nothing will happen but, just like the lottery -- Hey, you never know.


a mind with no ceiling said...

Insightful comments and advices once again Jeff. I live in Paris so I will be more than happy to check how the Errata books look and hopefully say hi (probably not on the opening though since we have the same birthday! and I can't imagine celebrating it in that place...)

Anonymous said...


Definately stop by at some point.


Anonymous said...

I can't say how fascinating all this is Jeff. Even though it is highly unlikely I will ever put any of this knowledge to use, as someone who has collected books most of my life, it's just down-right riveting.

All right, 'riveting' is ridiculously overwrought, but fun and interesting none the less.

Anonymous said...

I order one set now and transfer money through paypal system. : )

Fyi, perhaps you can considerring
to send book to Taiwan for printing in the future.

Let me said one story,
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HsinTai Color was establihed on 1945. At present they are assisting National Palace Museum to print all printer matter, painting, books.... http://www.npm.gov.tw/
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If you are interesting to send books to Taiwan in the future, perhaps you can contacting the boss of Hsintai Color Printing who is the son of Mr Chen Ken Bin, his blog is as follow :


A over 50 years's printing professional worker in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

hsingtai color

Anonymous said...


I'll be ordering soon. Not sure whether you've written (or want to write) about this, but just out of curiosity how many books did you print for the first set (regular and limited) editions? And secondly, what's the size of each book? You mentioned at some point "Photo Poche". Those are, roughly, 5 x 7,5 inches (12,5 x 19 cm).

Anonymous said...


Thanks. Our books are much larger than the photo poche. I was just using that as an example of an on-going series that has survived for years. Our books are 9.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide. The specifics are available on our Errata Editions website.

We have been advised for one reason or another by our distributor to not reveal the specific numbers of the print runs. I am not sure why that is but I can say, that the print run as far as the trade edition is concerned is somewhat irrelevant - if the books sell out, we will certainly do other printings based on continued demand. That said, we have been very conservative about these first few books. There are not tons of the first editions if you care about getting one of those.

These books are all about accessibility and not just another precious thing that gets coveted and becomes rare.

Since we are distributing the
limited editions ourselves, I will say that there are 250 sets. So far almost half of those are gone. These sets are how the series will be able to sustain itself. We make very little of a return from the trade edition.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all this information. Although I reserved a limited edition set, I would be interested in buying signed copies by the 2 living photographers if they are available. Also can you reveal the next 4 photobooks that you will be producing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. 9 by 7.5 inches seems a very nice size.

Anonymous said...

limited editions ourselves, I will say that there are 250 sets.

What! 250sets? the amounts are too less for the readers from worldwide!

But I like it. : )

Is it possible to discuss with Agn├Ęs Sire /director / Fondation HCB to re-print the decisive-monent in the future?


Anonymous said...


Would the Sophie Ristelhueber-signing be on Thursday (13th)? I believe ParisPhoto opening night is really on Wednesday 12th (for professionals & invitations at least). If yes, you have one copy sold.

Jan V

Anonymous said...


I guess there is the opening preview that Wednesday but the signing is planned for Thursday the 13th from 5-6pm.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to my already reserved/paid-for copies of the Limited Edition set.
I apologize if this has already been answered, but as I won't be able to get to Paris for the book-signings, will it be possible to get signed copies of the Ristelhueber book?
Many thanks & keep up the good work


aniewilliamspix.blogspot.com said...

Enjoy your blog very much, & your
generous info on printing in China was a factor in deciding to do my own - through an intermediary.
http://shantipress.blogspot.com shows
some pages. At present I'm waiting to
ok a 2nd proof. Good luck with
yours, I'll get them as soon as the
Australian dollar is stronger.