Thursday, November 1, 2007


Just a reminder that I always enjoy getting feedback and comments of the books that I post on 5B4
Photography and Books. So keep them coming please!

One small problem lately is that I have been getting a lot of spam in my comments sections. These are companies that insist on polluting the atmosphere and discussion by adding hyperlinks to their
business's website in the comments section of popular blogs. Apparently my blog has reached a certain level of popularity as these annoyances are steadily increasing in occurrence here at 5B4 Photography and Books. Monitoring and deleting them takes extra time away from my usual life and writing and my time is too valuable.

So as a solution, if you want to leave a comment, you will now have to type in a verification code that will appear before your comment will be posted. I sincerely apologize for the added step (it actually only takes about 5 seconds) but until there is a death penalty imposed for 'comment spammers,' I am afraid this is the world we will have to live in.

The image composite above is from the fine book Red-Color News Soldier published by Phaidon in 2003.
Ethical usage disclaimer: The woman in the pictures was not a 'comment spammer' and I mean no disrespect to the photos or mean to belittle that event.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a site doesn't have to be popular to get spam. I only have 10 or 12 people a day visit the blog I started about a month ago and within a few weeks the spam began.

John Denniston

Kate Hutchinson said...

Please know that your hard work is deeply appreciated. Perhaps it is not always reflected in the number of comments you get. Such is the nature of blogs I suppose. Often a lot of people read but aren't willing to give any input. Sucks about the spam, they seem to get everywhere don't they!

Allen George said...

I don't comment because I've nothing insightful to add. But I thought I'd echo Kate's sentiment - "your hard work is greatly appreciated"; I love reading here because it exposes me to an entire world of photographers and approaches to photography that I'd never have known otherwise.

Stan B. said...

When are you going to review Men Before Ten?

Anonymous said...

Kate and Allen,

Thank you for the kind words.


I'll get right on that.
Please send me a copy of the book along with a 1989 HEIDELBERG SM 102 VP Press with a CPTronic CPC 1-02 with light pen and cassette; Perfecting 2/2 and 4/0; Alcolor continuous damping; Baldwin recirculation and refrigeration; IR dryer; Blanket washing; Steel Plate in Feeder and Delivery; Grafix Exatronic plus powder sprayer in Superblue color and you have a deal.

Anonymous said...


Unlike the above, I comment all the time, especially when I have nothing of use to contribute.

Now without further adoooooooo:

"YOU LIkje MAke MansntiCKKK BIGG$$$ER....99.9% VOMEN SgsauSy is Bett3tR HARD rofckk INs*UrtnaCE BAnckACOOunt B&&&G MoNEy GAmsES HE$$RR"

We love your blog.

thank you.

Mr. Whiskets said...

I guess if I had a wish it would be that more people gave other impressions of the books that I write about. I am referring to the more currently available titles rather than the obscure or unknown of course. Rarely do people offer vastly divergent views. Maybe those people just aren't writing or perhaps by reading my posts before you see the book taints your impression.
These writings are entirely my own opinion and I am sure that there are people out there who think my opinions are deeply flawed. Praise is nice (you can keep it coming) but I would like to hear from those that see different aspects to books or challenge my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Your breadth of knowledge on the topic of photography books is radical. The review of Pidgin was very much appreciated. Its a wild slog you have. The New Yorker should employ you as their photography reviewer!


Anonymous said...

Thank Sean...

You hear that Mr. Remnick?? I am sure the New Yorker has a great squad of copy editors that could even make me look good.