Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How To Be A Corporate Shill

Oh…You’ve added links to Amazon to the postings...

The name of this book is How to Be A Corporate Shill by Jeffrey Ladd. It is lavishly produced and provides all of the know-how on ways to exploit the masses for your own financial security and well-being.

Some of you have commented that I should add links or at least ISBN numbers to my posts so you can find the books I write about (It is your fault!). I have decided to add the links in the hopes that I can get some book money for doing nothing more than what I already have been. I didn’t set out to do this, but as I have spoken with people (See what I mean?), it is now on the table.

My original statement for this blog is, and remains to be, as follows:

“I tend to cast a wide net over the medium (photography) as to what sparks my interest. When people look at my bookshelves they are often amazed (as I often am) when comparing my photography to the variety of titles on the spines of my book collection. 5B4 is a way for me to rediscover what has parted me from my money and to try to understand those objects in a critical way. It’s an exercise for my mind. To physically type these words helps me think differently and forces me to form opinions that are, for the time being, steadfast. Although 5B4 appears to be for others, it is really just for me.”

So…if you want to buy a book, if you do it through my link below the postings, you will earn me a small commission.
But, as much as I would like to get free books, I strongly suggest you support your local independent bookshops by looking there first.

I thank all of you for reading and leaving comments.

Mr. Whiskets

PS: As for my prolific output so far…I have spoiled you. I will be trimming back my posts to several times a week instead of every night. The novelty hasn’t worn off, I just can’t keep up the pace and I would like to keep up the content.

Please stay tuned.

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